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Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève

Our Maison

Excellence & Innovation

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Viñas Genève is a brand of the ATBB group that embodies the fusion of traditional textile art and contemporary innovation. Founded in 2011, our company quickly gained a reputation for excellence in creating high-end textile accessories, offering turnkey solutions for the design and production of personalized and handmade products.

The Art of Textiles: An Ancestral Tradition

Textiles, derived from the Latin word "Texere" meaning "to weave," is an art form that dates back to the origins of civilization. Discovered over 500,000 years ago, textiles represent humanity's ongoing quest for beauty and comfort.

The earliest fibers such as wool and silk, discovered in China, played a crucial role in the development of trade, notably through the famous Silk Road, connecting the East and the West.

Innovation and Design in Modern Textiles

Over time, textiles have evolved, incorporating unique designs and innovative materials such as glass, bamboo, and synthetic fibers, reflecting the technological and aesthetic advancements in the industry. Viñas Genève continues this tradition of innovation, emphasizing quality, design, and sustainability.

Luxury Cashmere Throws | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève

Le Plaid des Montagnes: The Essence of Comfort & Style

Our flagship product, Le Plaid des Montagnes, is a celebration of this heritage. Inspired by alpine resorts and 1950s ski posters, each throw is a masterpiece of design and comfort, meticulously woven in soft and robust Cashwool®.

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Viñas Genève is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality while respecting the environment. Our products are the result of a perfect marriage between traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, offering our customers an unparalleled experience.

Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève
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