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Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève
Luxury Cashmere Throws | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève

The Essence of Comfort & Style

Le Plaid des Montagnes: The Essence of Comfort & Style

At Viñas Genève, we take pride in presenting our flagship product, Le Plaid des Montagnes.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of alpine resorts and the art of vintage ski posters from the 1950s, this blanket throw is not just a textile accessory but a true work of art.

Unique and Versatile Design

Each throw is designed like a painting, where the pattern is reproduced with extremely precise weaving methods, offering an identifiable and elegant design.

The varied range of visuals inspired by different winter resorts allows each throw to tell its own story, lending itself to various uses, from decorating luxurious chalets to enhancing the lobbies of mountain hotels and spas.

A Sustainable and Ecological Creation

At Viñas Genève, we believe in creating products that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. Our throws are the result of conscious production, seeking to minimize impact on the environment while offering a luxurious and sustainable product.

Le Plaid des Montagnes: A Choice of Prestige

Choosing Le Plaid des Montagnes from Viñas Genève means choosing a product that embodies elegance, comfort, and quality. Whether to enhance the aesthetic of a space or to offer a meaningful gift, this blanket throw is a statement of taste and sophistication.

Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève
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