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Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève

The Quality

Our Commitment

Cashwool®: A Symbol of Quality and Refinement

We have chosen Cashwool® for our throws, an extra-fine Merino wool yarn entirely made in Italy. This choice is not incidental: Cashwool® represents the epitome of industrial knitting tradition.

It is an incredibly soft wool, of absolute whiteness, which brings brightness and structure to every shade of color.

Its production follows a distinct process, designed and refined by our technicians, to maintain a global level of quality that embraces the product, the individual, and the environment.

An Alliance of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Cashwool® is the result of the alliance between artisanal craftsmanship and technical innovation, an original formula from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

This unique wool is the result of anticipating future trends, envisioning a soft, lightweight, warm, and dynamic yarn, suitable for lifestyles that would only become reality several years later.

This forward-thinking vision has revolutionized the way pure combed wool is produced.

Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève

Unwavering Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At Viñas Genève, we understand that sustainability and ethics are not options but imperatives. Our commitment to a greener and fairer future is reflected in every aspect of our production.

Responsible Material Choices

Our iconic Le Plaid des Montagnes is made from Cashwool®, a wool known not only for its superior quality but also for its environmentally friendly production process.

We select our materials with consideration for their ecological impact, prioritizing suppliers who share our sustainability values.

Conscious and Ethical Manufacturing

The manufacturing of each plaid is the result of a careful process that adheres to the strictest ethical standards.

We work with local artisans and workshops where working conditions are fair and equitable, ensuring that each product is not only beautiful but also ethically crafted.

A Partnership for Change

Viñas Genève is committed to being more than just a luxury brand; we are a partner in the fight for a more sustainable future. By choosing our products, our customers and partners actively participate in this commitment towards a more respectful and responsible world.

Luxury Cashmere Plaids | Le Plaid des Montagnes | Viñas Genève
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